Winthrop Indoor Soccer

This will be the website for everything Winthrop Indoor Soccer related including information about upcoming weeks, pictures, videos, and potential random soccer sessions all over

When We Play

We're starting a little later this year due to limited gym space in Winthrop this Winter but luckily the weather has been good. The first session will be Wednesday February 17, 2016, 8:30 PM at the Cummings School in Winthrop, MA


How We Play

We play on a basketball court, no out of bounds, use a futsal ball, and use cones for nets (Keep the goals low). We usually try to split up into random teams of five and never want more than 3 or 4 teams. King of the court style until the night is over. Usually we have music blasting while we play too.


The Details

To start if you want to play its 5$ a night. If I don't know you and or you just show up to play whether someone brings you or you showed up on your own without prior communication with me, you're probably not going to get to play since we're often full. Any more than 4 teams and it gets shitty. We play for an hour and half to the first goal or until the timer runs out. This year I hope to add tons of video highlights to the mix so if you have a GoPro please let me know!